Emilio Kapetillo was a professional gambler all his life, who loved to play a card game called 7 y Media, very similar to Black Jack. When he pulled the last card to win, instead of saying “7 y Media” he would say “7 y Michi” because it brought him good luck.

He would eventually name his grandson Michi. 7 y Michi is a tribute to Emilio Kapetillo, the luckiest and most humble gambler ever, who always wanted to transfer his luck through an excellent crafted wine.


California 2018

This elegant Chardonnay has bright acidity, hints of minerality, and reserved fruit. Apple blossom and lemon zest are tied together with vanilla bean, reminiscent of a lemon tart topped with whipped cream.

Partial malolactic fermentation and neutral French oak aging, keep this Chardonnay in a traditional style, not your average over-oaked buttery Chardonnay. Will pair well with pan seared scallops in lemon butter sauce, herb roasted chicken, and a creamy chanterelle risotto.

Cabernet Sauvignon

California 2018

This complex California Cabernet Sauvignon is a light garnet color nearing ruby. On the nose a brilliant perfume of candied red fruit, red roses, and black leather brace the senses. A hint of green banana melds with notes of anise and orange rind follows.Round and unctuous on the palate are a burst of black cherry, slight medicine chest and dried herbs de Provence. Fine grained tannins meet you at the finish line coupled with a dusting of freshly kneaded dough.

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